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Cretan Night in Karouzanos

If you want to feel really like a true Cretan, you should learn to entertain yourselves as one of them! Come with us to the traditional village of Karouzanos for a different night, under a majestic summer sky, a night dedicated to tradition, a night full of music, dance and beautiful scents.

Reaching the ancient village, we have the chance to take a walk through this magnificent place, feel dizzy by the smell of the jasmine, be surprised by the locals’ hospitality and treats and admire the traditional color of the area, which seems to have remained unspoiled by time.

At dusk, we are going to enjoy the traditional feast, taste the delicious dishes with the cheese, the honey, the rusk, the virgin olive oil, the meat and all the other products of the Cretan soil, get treated with the wine and the raki of the area, listen to the sound of the Cretan “lyra” and the Greek “Bouzouki”, and take delight in looking at the dancers, dressed in their traditional costumes, performing Cretan and Greek folk dances. At the end of the night we can also join the dancers, who will teach us the basic steps, so that we can also dance like modern Zorbas!

Crete is a unique place in the world –a gorgeous island, with awesome beaches, special people and exquisite tastes. Get to know all of these just in one night! We are sure that it will be etched in your mind and your memories forever and ever!


Anopolis Cretan Night

One night to enjoy the cretan spirited culture and Greek tradition in dancing, wine, food and of course raki.This is the best Creta night on the island!!!

Likely to be one of the most action packed nights of your holiday, enjoying the high spirited culture of the Greek tradition. The nightly celebrations begin with the famous hospitality unique to the to the Greek culture.

You can see for yourself the large and friendly welcome you receive not only from the dancers but from the the whole village.

After you taste their sacred Greek drink ‘RAKI’ served with mezes you can then sit back, relax and get ready for a highly enjoyable night. Dancing, music, food and wine joined elaboratly to create an evening of entertainment in the heart of Anopolis. The spectacular show will take you back in time, from the Minoan time to the Cretan tradition, and through the gods of Olympus to the modern Greece with Zorbas the Greek. The biggest production in the island with more than 22 actors and live band.

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