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tropical beach and palm grove of Vai in East Crete

Vai Palm Beach, Fantastic, Exotic Tour In Crete - Don't miss it.

Vai, or more specifically the palm forest of Vai, is one of the most popular sights in Crete and one of the most beautiful and special places in the whole Mediterranean. Vai draws thousands of visitors each year. They come not only for its wonderful palm forest, but also for the large sandy beach spread out at its foot.

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Vai is located 94km east of Agios Nikolaos and 24km east of Sitia. It is the most famous beach in east Crete, as its main feature is the large palm grove with the Cretan Date Palm (Phoenix theophrasti). Its name derives from the word vai, meaning palm in Greek. The palm grove is the largest in Europe with approximately 5000 trees.

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The beach has whitish sand and flat turquoise waters. In a few places, there are slippery smooth rocks, while on the opposite there are small islets that beautify the landscape. The beach is slightly organized (whatever the protection scheme allows) with umbrellas, showers, water sports and a canteen.

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Named after the word “vagia”, meaning “palm tree” or “rims of palm tree” in Greek. According to the local legend the wood had been grown from the stones of dates thrown away by Arab pirates set ashore at the place. With some 5.000 palm trees, a real oasis at the desert-like landscape of Eastern Crete, a breathtaking environment! It is quite impossible to describe in words this landscape of unique beauty! Only whoever has visited it can perceive what is it like. Due to the palm trees wood it looks rather like an African beach with sand and fine pebbles, placed on the territory of Europe.

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Discover and explore Vai with Us. Find out the best time to go and read our top tips.

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If you're looking for a great day out, try our tour to Vai -East Crete and Toplou Monastery.

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Toplou is a Monastery with a long history which played a significant role in the struggles of the Cretan people for freedom.

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