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Crete is the sensation of beauty.....

Crete is the sensation of beauty and majesty which makes it famous and worth travel for everyone. Crete never stop to fascinate you with all its fantastic style to landscapes or people. Crete is one of the biggest islands of Greece and has the perfect share from the lovely seashores and the mountain villages which stands it out from other islands. Planning a travel trip to Crete on a boat or cruise is the decision of lifetime you would take as this will take you to a slow trip to heaven experiencing some of the finest places on Earth.

Cretan Folklore Night with Live Music, Dance, and Greek Dinner

While travelling to Crete.....

While travelling to Crete, you would experience not only the landscapes, beaches, treasures of nature and village but also the rich history and culture of people living there. The place provides much importance to its culture and meeting with their civilians will inspire you with their traditions and their world famous cuisine. The famous boat trips to do in Crete would include the following, which should be on your list.

Santorini One Day Cruises from Crete

Fom the beautiful island of Crete.....

Fom the beautiful island of Crete… Santorini!!!!!!!!!!!. This area was the result of a disruption caused by the sea in history and has now left the most beautiful island of Crete for the visitors. The sunsets of the Santorini are considered among the best in the world and so is the crystal water of this area. The colours of the sunset you will see here are unique and breathtaking. There is no one who would visit Santorini and has not complimented the sunsets.
Adding to beauty, the area has the food lovers of the world and so the food and wine you will find in Santorini is one of the best stuff from the world. 
The activities one can find in Santorini is unlimited again. You can go swimming, snorkelling, beach stops, thermal pools and more, if you stay overnight……

Day Tour of Spinalonga, Elounda & Plaka

To Spinalonga from either Agios Nikolaos or Elounda and Plaka.....

Plenty of companies provide private or group boat trips to Spinalonga from either Agios Nikolaos or Elounda and Plaka. Many of them offer BBQ lunch on the island.Agios Nikolaos, is a patronage provided to the sailors of Greece, and you will find this characteristic all around the island, and the buildings present. While being on this island, you will look into the lives of traditional fisheries and the people living there depending on fishes and seafood. The boats of this place are well received and has lightened all around to stand out in their own way. They make the experience of tourist different from their knowledge of sea and seafood…..

Sissi Cruise on Marelounda Boat

The perfect boat trip for you......

If you’re missing the fun in your holidays and you want to dive into the majestic sea around you, this is the perfect boat trip for you. Sailing from the port of Hersonissos, you will move towards the Sissi bay. This will be done with traditional wood craft boat. The boatman provides drinks, fruits, stops for swimming, snorkelling to make your trip even more fun than it was. You can now enter the sea and play with the fishes while your family stays in the boat. On the coastline you will see Saint Barbara, Drapanos and Gourgouthia, some famous places from the history………

One Day Tour to Experience Chrissi Island

Chrissi Island in Ierapetra......

Chrissi Island in Ierapetra is all about the experience of walking on golden sand, walking through the thick bushes listening to the sound of sea and swimming in the exotic crystal clear water. A boat trip to this island would leave you with an astonishment about the nature Earth.
While moving to these islands, you will see the magnificent part of Mediterranean Sea with fresh breeze and smell of Cedar planted there. At one side of the island is a bar which will make up to your craving for drinks, while on the other side is the Orthodox Church and lighthouse, both made according to Crete’s traditions. The experience of people travelling to this Island has been the best due the breeze and peace from the sea…….

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