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Tours to Chrissi Island

Chrissi Island, Best In Crete, Every Day From Stalis, Malia, Hersonissos


The best day of your holidays… Spend an unforgettable day full of swimming, sunbathing and relaxation on an uninhabited island of Chrissi! a tropical paradise Our adventure begins with a trip to the town of Ierapetra located on the southern coast of Crete. From there we will take a boat and continue our journey to Chrissi island, during which you can enjoy stunning views of the Libyan Sea and, if you are lucky, see the dolphins just a few meters away from the boat. Chrissi is a small, almost tropical island and the most southern point of Europe. Due to its extraordinary beauty and unique ecosystem the island was declared natural reservations and currently protected as an “Area of Intense Natural Beauty”. The pristine beaches, the myriads of shell fossils, limpets and corals, the shallow crystal clear waters, the cedar forest, the fine reddish sand with the mosses and lichens, the old salt marsh, the Roman carved tombs, the small church of St. Nicolas and the peacefulness of this place will stay in your mind forever.


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  • Children 4-10 years old – 50%
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Every day

Stalis/Malia: 8:10/8:45 – 19:00

Hersonissos: 8:10/8:45 – 19:00

NOTE: The pick-up and drop-off time can be changed during the season.
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The drop-off time is approximate and delays can occur.

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more about Chrissi……..

Chrissi is an uninhabited Greek island approximately 15 kilometres south of Crete close to Ierapetra in the South Cretan Sea. Approximately 700 metres east of the island is the island of Mikronisi. Administratively these islands fall within the Ierapetra municipality in Lasithi.It contains a small church and harbour on its northwestern coast, Ekklisia Agios Nikolaos. It is possible to visit Chrissi by sea from Ierapetra and from Myrtos. There is a nudist beach on the north coast of the island. The highest point on the island is called Kefala (“head”) and it is 31 metres (102 feet) above sea level. On the western part of the island is the chapel of Saint Nicholas (estimated to date to the 13th century). There are also a salt pan, an old port, some Minoan ruins, a lighthouse and a Roman cemetery. Due to the shallow waters around Chrissi, snorkelling and diving is a popular pastime. The Belegrina, Hatzivolakas, and Kataprosopo bays have a wide diversity of shells. It is possible to reach the island from Ierapetra between middle of May and late October. During the summer months, excursion boats from Ierapetra leave the quay every morning and return in the afternoon. Chrissi is protected as an “area of intense natural beauty”. The island has the largest naturally formed Juniperus macrocarpa forest in Europe. There is no fresh drinking water on the island. The majority of trees have an average age of 200 years and average height of up to 7 metres (23 feet), some of the trees are up to 300 years old and 10 metres (33 feet) tall. The density is approximately 28 trees per hectare.

and more about Chrissi……..

Chrissi Island in Ierapetra is all about the experience of walking on golden sand, walking through the thick bushes listening to the sound of sea and swimming in the exotic crystal clear water. A boat trip to this island would leave you with an astonishment about the nature Earth.
While moving to these islands, you will see the magnificent part of Mediterranean Sea with fresh breeze and smell of Cedar planted there. At one side of the island is a bar which will make up to your craving for drinks, while on the other side is the Orthodox Church and lighthouse, both made according to Crete’s traditions. The experience of people travelling to this Island has been the best due the breeze and peace from the sea…….

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