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Elafonisi Beach Tour

There’s something breathtakingly magical about Elafonisi, a small island off Crete’s southwest coast surrounded by shallow lagoons with crystal blue waters and pinkish

Elafonisi Beach Tour

Elafonissi Beach

With shallow waters, pale pink-tinted sands, and sweeping dunes, Elafonisi is frequently and deservedly listed among Europe’s best beaches. The beach is connected to a protected island nature reserve, which is home to a variety of rare plants and animals, including loggerhead sea turtles.

Spend a wonderful day in one of the most picturesque and unusual beaches in Europe!

Elafonissi island is located in the south-westernmost point of Crete, in one of the most spectacular and unique places. Once occupied by pirates, now it is a popular destination for those who want to spend a day on the stunning tropical beach, while staying in Crete.

The island is covered with sand dunes, low trees, sand lilies and junipers, and its beach is also known as a Pink beach because of its unusual color which is the result of thousands of broken seashells. Crystal clear turquoise water, the little coves and the secluded tiny beaches remind the travelers of a paradise lost. Take a swim in the warm tropical waters and relax under the hot summer sun!

It is important to mention that Elafonisi lies in a specially designated Natura 2000 area, meaning that visitors can enjoy its beauty and nature but should take care not to disturb it. As wild as it looks, the island boasts over 100 plant species, including a rare flowering perennial plant (Androcymbium rechingeri).


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