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History of stalis or Stalida
The biggest part of Stalis starting west, somewhere between Nana beach and
Horizon hotel and ending east to Cactus Royale, (former Sunny beach)
belonged to Mochos village which is located 9kms up the mountains to the south.
This part of empty land, no houses, no hotels just fields and beaches was called
Stalida Mochou which means Stalida of Mochos.
The part of Stalis eastern from where is now Aggelo hotel (former Sofocles hotel)
to about Kernos hotel was part of Malia village and was called stalida Malion
which means Stalida of Malia and there was nothing there but fields and beaches.
In the late 60’s the beach road Stalis to Malia constructed and the first historical hotels
of Crete were built and open for business, like Anthoussa hotel (now Aktia), Blue Sea hotel,
Alexander beach, Kernos beach, and later Cactus beach, Ikaros Village, Nana beach,
Horizon beach, Ariadne beach and many more smaller or bigger hotels, and Appartments
that could easily be over 100 today.
This  fantastic area from Nana beach hotel to Kernos beach hotel with 4,5kms of
beautiful beaches we call it Stalis Tourist Resort, and it is one of the best
holiday areas in Crete and Mediterranean.

stalis crete greece
a magestic place for holdays !!!!

"3rd time to STALIS, and already booked for September 2019! Excellent resort, not too big nor too small. Plenty of lovely bars and restaurants, so you never need to eat in same one more than once during your holiday unless you want to."

stalis club