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Private tours in Crete allow us to custom build the perfect tour for you. Whether you are looking for a fully planned itinerary and trip to Crete, a day tour in Knossos, Spinalonga, the Lassithi plateau, or elsewhere, a unique activity or fun day for the family, or anything in-between, we are here to help. Whether you’re planning a religious oriented trip, a family trip, a study or educational tour, a luxury tour or VIP tour of Crete, or something else, our experts are seasoned and able to create the perfect itinerary and experience for you.


Private Tours for Groups

No matter the nature of your group, we are experienced in building the right itinerary based on your interests, ages, and budget.


Private Tours for Families

Whether you are planning a Go-Crete Trip, or something totally different, we have experience in balancing the right content with fun, to create life-long memories.


Private Tours for Special Groups

From student groups from leading universities to delegations of business leaders, VIP elite travelers with specific requirements, and everything in between, our team has seen almost everything.

Advantages of a Private tour

Private tours in Crete provides ultimate flexibility, allowing us to create the itinerary which suits your needs perfectly to maximise your time and experience, modified as appropriate to the nature of your group whatever it may be. Whether it be a one day whistle-stop tour on one free day during a business trip, a family tour, or a fully-custom study group tour, our team of travel advisors, fully licensed guides, experienced drivers, operations staff, will work together to create a tour which meets your needs and requirements. Our private tours team believes that “impossible is nothing”, and will do whatever possible to ensure that everything we do fits your requirements perfectly.

1. Fully government licensed guides and vehicles
2. Tours can be customized for kids, families, solo travelers, or the interests of your group
3. Different languages available
4. Price per person can work out cheaper than joining a group bus tour when there are four or more people
5. Focus on the sites and activities that interest you
6. Includes pick-up from your hotel in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle
7. Go at your own pace
8. Nothing is fixed, the schedule is flexible and the experience is totally your own, it cannot be matched!

creating your perfect private tour of Crete

Answering these questions, and following steps enables our team of experts to create your perfect private tour of Crete.

1. Touring Style

The most basic. Do you require only transportation? Only a guide? Or transport and guiding?

2. Tour Itinerary

Would you like a private version of a regular tour? A modified version of a regular tour itinerary? Or a custom built itinerary? How long would you like your tour to be?

3. Other Services

Would you like assistance with arranging hotels? Religious ceremonies? Entrance to special sites or events? Meals? Or anything else?

Let’s Begin Planning your private tour in Crete

Would you like a private version of a regular tour?
A modified version of a regular tour itinerary?
Or a custom built itinerary? How long would you like your tour to be?


Please provide as much detail as possible in the form below to enable us to provide an accurate price quote for your private tour in Crete.

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Crete Private Tours. Welcome to Crete. More than 8000 square kilometers in size, this southernmost of the Greek islands offers travelers the perfect balance of sandy beaches, towering mountains, intriguing archeological sites and cosmopolitan cities. Take a private Crete tour and discover the island of the Minoans with a local guide. Your first stop should be the archeological site of Knossos, reputed to be the location of the labyrinth containing the mythical Minotaur. Then head to Heraklion to take in the Venetian loggia and the multilayered Basilica of St. Titus, built on top of an Ottoman-era mosque that was built over an ancient church. Next up is charming Rethymno, where you can while away hours at the cozy harbour. Then head to Chania for a whirlwind romance with Crete's most beautiful city. Wander around the fascinating Topanas district before dining on seafood at a harbourside taverna.


See the beauty of Crete We offer quallity tours around the island  that are suitable for vip people, reasonable prices.

from € ask? per mini group


1.Knossos-Museum, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

3.Spinalonga, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

6.Gramvoussa-Balos, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

9.Lassithi Plateau, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

10.Cretan Night, PRIVATE VIP TOUR


12.Elafonisi, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

20.Sailing Boat. PRIVATE VIP TOUR

28.Jeep Safari, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

29.Quad Safari, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

30.Buggy safari, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

31.Santorini 1 day, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

32.Santorini 2 Days, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

33.Hiking Tours, PRIVATE VIP TOUR

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