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Super nice and great trips I can only recommend ... Definitely the best
Sabine Nicol
Today I had a great day. The Jeep safari to the south coast. Accompanied by the best guide Roger Rambo. We went with a small group of three Jeeps and left for the South. Along the way several stops, where you can buy coffee for example. Lunch was included, we were at a restaurant near the beach. Chicken with vegetables and salad. Swimming at the beach and back. We had two kids aged 6 & 10 which enjoyed themselves. Nice route. Highly recommended.
Woken V-Hol
Great excursions
Regi oferim
one good day, nice tour and a good time !!!!!!!!!
Menas Hondi-Hu
On the 26 of may we had a very nice jeep safari with exploringclub We had a nice group of 6 cars. The guide was a very nice and he showed us how to drive kindly off road. We had a nice BBQ in a nice village. The stops where a little bit long, but further it was a great day. Thank you again. We really liked it !!!!!!!!!
Tasiu Smetsa
I am 29years customer and friend since Eleni open the first tourist office in Stalis long time ago... always the best service... bravo Eleni keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hans Kaizer
I experienced very patient and competent staff in the office. They even made notes about my interests and when I came back to book my trip, they remember my story. The two trips I booked were well organized and completely worth their price. Both trips lasted an entire day and so one had plenty of time to stroll around, enjoy a glass of wine, or have a coffee with the rest of the mixed group.
Glister D
Fine day, thanks for the nice tour. Good jeep safari !!!!! Greetings....
Dennis B-Hol
Went to knossos trip well worth it . It was so much more. Went to lasithi plateau, Zeus cave and pottery. A monastery as well as the knossos palace. I felt very happy after.
james smitz
The company is great.. The boss Eleni fantastic... I know them 20years... i always buy excursions here...!!!!!!!!
Erika Hisler
Used this company while in Crete went on 3 tours every one a winner highly recommend them. Friendly staff more than helpful
I bought a trip to the island of Chrissi. From the beginning this office charmed us. Prices a lot lower than tui suggested. Then a very positive impression was made on us by the guide. During the cruise, the guide, was great. The cruise too. The journey back too. I would recommend !!!
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Stalis is one of Crete’s most visited resorts attracts visitors from Britain,Ireland,the Netherlands and Germany.Soft,golden sands and shallow waters make the beaches and there's a great variety of tavernas, restaurants and bars(including an Irish pub)
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