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Taras river Samaria 14 - SAMARIA

Taras river-Samaria-14

Taras river Samaria 7 - SAMARIA

Taras river-Samaria-7

Boat to Samaria 16 - SAMARIA


We start very early in the morning and we drive west along the north coastline. We stop for a short breakfast break near Rethymnon. After we continue to Chania and left on to the Plateau of Omalos at 1300 meters above sea level where we can buy food before we enter the gorge. The 18 klms walk will begin with our descent from Xyloskalo (800 meters) onto the bottom of the gorge. The famous gorge of Samaria is also one of the longest in Europe, about 18 klms (12 miles) and varies from 3-40 meters width, with a depth of 300-600 meters. We will have 6-7 hours time to walk through. Correct footwear is essential for you as it is rocky in some places. However, the ever changing view and the wonderful scents of pinewood and Cretan herbs make the walk pleasant and the effort worthwhile. Walking through fantastic rock formations and crossing many times the Taras river, with its crystal sparkling water, you pass the stone huts and Osia (Santa) Maria church in the deserted village of Samaria. Taste the fresh cold water from the springs, and finally get into the miracle of nature, the narrow pass of Sideroportes (Iron doors) that rises to a Height of 350 meters but is only a few meters wide. A few more klms to walk out of the gorge to Agia Roumeli, a small fishing village which is on the shores of the Libyan Sea. Here you can taste a meal in one of the local taverns or enjoy a refreshing swim in the blue water of the Libyan Sea. From here you take the boat to Chora Sfakion, where our coach is waiting for the return journey through the scenic route of Imbros Gorge and the Plateau, the villages of Askifou and Vrisses. A must-see for everyone over 9 years old, in good physic condition. (Beginning and end of season spare socks and jacket necessary)

Iron Doors Samaria 1 1 - SAMARIA


Xyloskalo Samaria 2 - SAMARIA


Deserted Village of Samaria 3 - SAMARIA


Happy to Walk Samaria 4 - SAMARIA


Crossing Taras river Samaria 8 - SAMARIA


Sideroportes Iron doors Samaria 9 - SAMARIA

the miracle of nature, the narrow pass of Sideroportes (Iron doors) that rises to a Height of 350 meters but is only a few meters wide

National Park Samaria 10 - SAMARIA


Taras river Samaria 11 - SAMARIA


Kri Kri wild goat Samaria 12 - SAMARIA


Taras River Samaria 5 - SAMARIA


Boat to samaria 15 - SAMARIA


Samaria6 Steps Downhill - SAMARIA


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