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Tours in the island of Crete

Day Excursions in Crete, Greece - Excursions in Crete


1.Knossos Palace and Heraklion city center

The imposing palace of Knossos is built on a hill, next to the river Kairatos. This area has been inhabited since Neolithic times (6000 BC). The first Palace was built on the Neolithic ruins sometime after 2000 BC and was destroyed in 1700 BC The second palace was erected on the same spot, even more magnificent and larger than the proceeding one. Around 1600 BC other large structures were built around the Palace, such as the “Little Palace”, the “Royal Villa”, the “South House” etc., Continue to Heraklion for the visit of the Archaeological Museum, second only to Athens in importance throughout Hellas. Here someone can find treasures from Knossos, Phaestos, Zakros and other sites in Crete, a most remarkable collection from Neolithic to Roman times.



One of the most famous spots in Crete, Spinalonga is sometimes called the ‘island of tears’ due to its past as a leper colony. Between 1903 and 1957, it was home to hundreds of Greece’s lepers, who were shipped here and then forbidden to leave. On this trip, you’ll ride a boat to the island from the fishing harbour in Elounda. Once on Spinalonga, you’ll take a guided walk around the remains of the colony, which was established within the walls of a huge Venetian fortress. See its main street, still lined with the shops and houses where the lepers attempted to live ordinary lives. And look round the old hospital and graveyard. Later, you’ll sail across Mirabello Bay to Elounda. Swim in the sea, stretch out in the sunshine or watch the world go by at a waterside café. You'll also have lunch in a local tavern. A fascinating if poignant day..

Plateau Lassithi - Knossos Palace

5.knossos palace tour and lassithi plateau

Step back in time 2000 BC and learn about the Minoan civilization. The Palace of Knossos was the monumental symbol of Minoan civilization and culture, due to its construction, use of luxury materials, architectural plan, advanced building techniques and impressive size. It was built gradually between 1700 and 1400 BC, and was discovered in 1878 by Minos Kalokerinos and excavated by Sir Arthur Evans in 1900s. Leaving Knossos the first stop on the scenic route towards central Crete is the Monastery of "Kera Kardiotissa", which is inhabited by nuns and famous for its frescoes. Driving south and up to the mountain, we venture inland, where we reach the fertile Plateau of Lassithi. The plateau is like the land that time forgot. This fertile plain high up in the mountains is breathtaking. Snow laden in the winter and sun drenched in the summer, much of Crete's fruit and vegetables come from here. As you reach the plateau you will see the dramatic splendor of Lassithi. Tiny villages surround edge of the plateau and you will see true Cretan village life. The Greek mythological Zeus was said to have been born here in the Diktean cave, which is 1000 meters above sea level. A visit into this cave is a must, the stalactites and the stalagmites are spectacular!


6.Gramvousa - Balos Lagoon Tour

An amazing day in paradise and a great adventure for all the family! This excursion leads you to the western point of the Island. West of Kissamos and north of the beautiful village of Kaliviani, stretches the impressive Gramvousa Peninsula. Starting from the port of Kissamos, followed by a pleasant voyage, we will reach Gramvousa where the ancient shipyard of Tersanas will draw your attention, as well as the geological phenomenon of land elevation by 6 to 9m above the sea level. Here you will have the opportunity to either enjoy the beach with crystal clear water and the amazing view of the never ending sea lagoon; or climb on the top of the steep rock to see the Venetian castle. Afterwards we take a 2nd short boat trip to the fabulous lagoon of Balos, a shallow and warm water lagoon and one of Crete's loveliest spots. Here you can enjoy plenty of time of swimming in the inviting crystal clear waters of western Crete and sunbathing at the white sandy beach.


7.Samaria Gorge Hiking Tour

During the 16km hike you'll discover a big variety of fauna and flora, unique and exclusively found on this island clinging to sheer rock faces; watch out for the Kri-Kri, the wild Cretan goat. The isolated, deserted village of Samaria makes the ideal place for a rest, before you continue to the 'Iron Gates' the waypoint where the canyonwalls get so narrow they almost touch... The walk ends at the small village of Aghia Roumeli, with plenty of taverns to enjoy a tasty meal and that well-earned drink. Relax on the beach and cool off in the turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea, before taking the boat following the coastline to the village of Chora Sfakion where the coach will be waiting to return you back to the resort. Although, as written before its a 16 km walk, its not too difficult even for the ones whose daily exercise consists of walking from the couch to the fridge during the ad segment on TV. Wear walking shoes or trainers, no sandals (!), a sun hat, bring a bottle of water, maybe a snack and don't you forget your camera! For the average person the walk takes 4 - 6 hours and by the end you will have achieved something you can brag about to your future great-grandchildren.


8.Heraklion Tours - Market - Aquarium

This excursion takes you to the biggest open market in Crete, which is organized once a week; where you will have the opportunity for shopping on a very low cost price. If you want to get small presents and souvenirs for home, this is the best choice for you. By visiting the open market in Heraklion you will get the feeling of market life in Crete. The buzz on the market will bring you back in time and you will see how the locals try to present and sell their products. Apart from souvenirs and clothes you can also find food and bio-Cretan products. On the market you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional "suvlaki" on foot as well, on the many small posts selling food and drinks. Later, enjoy some free time to explore the bustling town, its pedestrian zones with shops like Marks & Spencer, Zara, Benetton etc., or, do as the Greeks do, and enjoy your café frappé (iced coffee) in one of the many stylish sidewalk cafés.


9.Lassithi Plateau Tour

A full excursion to one of the most popular sites in Crete- for some exceptional images: We will visit the Lassithi plateau and the cave of the Diktaion Andron. Then we ll have time for relaxing in the laid- back, easy- going city of Agios Nikolaos just by the sea. Note: The tour can be combined with a visit to Panayia Kera monastery with the exceptional religious decorations. The customers may also split their time in Agios Nikolaos paying a visit to the nearby Elounda and marveling at the views of the Gulf of Mirabello. *The price offered refers to a group of 1 up to 6 participants that are transferred with a company vehicle for this particular excursion. A change in the above factors constitutes change in pricing.


10.Cretan Folklore Night Show

A superb evening for all the family! While you are entertained with the sounds of the bouzouki and lyra, you will be served with an original Cretan dinner with unlimited house wine. The venue is in a beautiful village called Pano Karouzanos nestled in the mountains high above Hersonissos. Guests will be treated to a performance of traditional Greek dances accompanied by live music. You will also be invited to join in and have a chance to learn a few steps of traditional dances, turn yourself into a Zorbas for a night and keep this wonderful night in your memory forever. Dinner is buffet style and consists of many mouth-watering Greek dishes that must be tried. There is no better way to experience traditional Greek entertainment and hospitality


11.Day Trip - Chania Tour, Lake Kournas and Rethymno

In this excursion you will travel to the west side of Crete, exploring the cities of Chania and Rethymno. The guide will provide you some great information about them and as you will walk in both places, you will meet the history along their beauty in every step. Historical buildings and a variety of shops, coffee stores and restaurants combine wonderful scenery of these locations. The Municipal Market, the Old Venetian Port, with its famous Lighthouse, are some of the worth – visiting places of Chania, while in Rethymno you can explore its Old Town, which is developed beneath the castle of Fortezza that stands at the entrance of the city. On the way, you will also visit Crete's unique natural lake, the lake of Kournas. It is situated in a magnificent location, just 4km away from Georgioupolis Chania. It is a rather small lake, known from antiquity with the name Korisia. Lake Kournas is a remarkable destination for an afternoon walk or a day trip. The relaxing and beautiful landscape is ideal for nature lovers. The lake is surrounded by a greenery environment with rare plants and trees. The dark color of the lake is caused from the seaweeds coming from the depth of the lake. Many animals find shelter here. Lake Kournas is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. It is the ideal location for a relaxing walk around the transparent water of the lake. On the one side of the lake there are cafeterias and taverns, offering a remarkable view to the lake. You can swim in the magnificent small beaches with white sand, located next to the cafeterias. Also visitors can do pedals here to explore the lake.


12.Elafonisi Beach Tour

This trip sets it's sights on Elafonisi, an idyllic island off Crete's southwest coast. First though, you'll travel to the village of Voulgara, where you'll stop for coffee or snacks. From here you'll go to the Topolia Gorge, and walk up to Agia Sophia, a colossal cave famous for its stalactites and interior chapel. Wander round as your guide explains the myths surrounding this place. It's said the hoof-print of St. Georges's horse can be found here. And if you look hard enough you'll find what looks like a horseshoe print in a rock. Later, you'll continue to Chrissoskalitissa or the ""Golden Staircase"" monastery. Standing high above a bay, it's 1,000 years old, commanding breathtaking views. Next, it's on to the star attraction, Elafonisi. Ringed by pink sands and light blue seas, this uninhabited island could hardly be more beautiful. Spend the afternoon on it's beaches or swimming in its shallows or take an optional boat rip to the port of Paleochora before heading homewards.


13.koufonisi Island Crete

Koufonissi is a small island in the Libyan Sea, 3.5 miles south of Cape Goudouras and 10 miles southeast of Makrigialos. The island is roughly six kilometres long and 5.5 kilometres across. It has an entire surface area of 5.25 km². Koufonissi is the largest of a cluster of 5 islands: Koufonisi, Makroulo, Strogilo, Trachila and Marmara. The ancient name Lefki (meaning white), was given by the glint of white limestone and marl in the sunlight. Instead, the current name, Koufonissi (meaning Cave-Island), is related to the many pits and caves shaped by the sea and rain. According to a second stronger version, the name comes after the many rats of the island, which are called "koufa" by locals. The island is uninhabited now, but is full of ruins that indicate human activity from the Early Minoan times to post-Byzantine years. The locals like to call Koufonisi as Delos of Crete, after the significant antiquities that have been found.


14.Chrissi Island Tour

An unforgettable cruise to one of the southern points in Europe, the Golden Island, or, as it is also called, Donkey Island. Nine miles from Ierapetra, it has a unique cedar forest, pure white sand dunes, golden shallow sand beaches and a sea with unbelievable tropical colours. You will sail to the island, where you stay for about 4,5 hours. Relax on the beach, or take a long walk along the endless beach and marvel at the millions of colourful small shells. A perfect hidden paradise that will remain in everybody's memory and an interesting excursion for couples as well as families.


16.Vai Beach-East Crete

In the est of Crete, beauty is reminiscent of tropical locations, as 5,000 palm-trees extend for two miles and reach the beautiful golden beach which attracts scores of swimmers in summer. It is the largest known palm-tree forest throughout Europe. From there we continue to the monastery "Moni Toplou" situated between Vai and Sitia, on the top of a hill. Founded in the 15th century, it's one of the richest monasteries in the area and is famous for its icons by the painter Ioannis Konares who painted "The Greatness of Good", considered to be a masterpiece of the Cretan miniature. Its architecture resembles a fort due to the fact that throughout history it had to defend itself from bandits, pirates, and invaders. In the second war it was used like a refuge for the Greeks.


28.Jeep Safari

Join the ultimate 4x4 experience on the exciting Jeep Safari Tour. Discover the real beauty of wild nature of Crete in our wonderful off-road voyage through mountains.


29.Quad Safari

Our tours combine a great experience of driving your own powerfull off road 4-wheel motorcycle (or enjoying the ride while comfortably sitting on the back of the bike). Take the opportunity to learn about the way the local people live. You will follow our experienced guide by driving through the mountain, between beautiful fields and olive groves. The tour brings you to a part of the island and the fact that you do this tour with only a few other participants makes the tour more exclusive !


30.Buggy safari

The Buggy Safari you will follow combines spectacular scenery through remote areas in Crete with the opportunity to visit a monastery, cross a gorge and climb to a volcanic plateau at an altitude of 1400 metres.



Eleni is a brand new traditional sailing boat made under the strictest safety specifications by original shipmakers following the Minoan patterns whose ships conquered the world. It's been entirely built in a Hellenic shipyard by highly experienced technicians using the finest materials so as to offer the best available comfort, pleasure and safety while sailing.


21.Nemo Glass Bottom

Nemo is a new glass bottom boat made entirely by GRP. It was launched under the strictest specifications for safety and comfort and its aim is to combine the enjoyment of the sea that a cruise can offer and, at the same time the magnificent experience of the underwater world exploration. It is fully equipped electronically by Furuno.

JET BOAT-Hersonissos-Stalis

22.Jet Boat

Whilst on Crete come along to the port at Hersonissos and take a thrilling Jetboat ride. Sit doww and hold tight as your captain opens the throttle and pushes back 500 litres of water per second through the jet. You will spin, splash, fishtail, wave-ride and dash around all of the iconic sights of Hersonissos. The jetb boat is a 449hp deisle powered stunt boat. So come along to Hersonissos and check our rides! Experience Crete's Hersonissos gulf and beaches, at high-speed with massive sideways slides like you would experinece in a rally car, fish tailing and wave riding. You will be amazed by the awesome power brake stops, where the boat stops in about twice its length. Our highly trained drivers will take you on an unforgettable 30-minute thrill ride through Hersonissos Gulf - It’s fast, extreme, and loads of fun. Your staff or family or mates will be certain to remember this awesome activity!


23.Fishing Trips

Welcome aboard and enjoy a perfect combination of relaxation and fishing experience. Follow us on fishing forays in places carefully chosen to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Fishing and snorkeling equipment is provided for your entertainment.


24.Water City

Book your excursion to Watercity Waterpark in Anopolis Crete, online, at really bargain prices. WATERCITY gives the option to young and old people to enjoy vacations full of game, activities, sun & amusement, drinks, rest and raise their adrenaline in heights. The park provides irreproachable service and gives you the possibility of precisely selecting what you want between Restaurant or Self Service, among the various Bars that has, the cafeteria, the gift shops and souvenir shops and in many other places that have been created trying to satisfy your requirements and make your eve in the park pleasant. Watercity Waterpark is the pioneer in a new type of amusement, of a higher level for Crete island and we actively contribute in the most duration in the sector of tourism. Visit the bigest Waterpark of Crete!!!


25.Acqua Plus

Spend a special day in one of the largest water parks on Crete. The water park offers over 50 different slides, games and facilities. Friendly and helpful staff awaits you. Join the fun with different games, slides, and attractions like Aqua Slalom, Black Holes, and the Crazy River, or get in some relaxation on the lazy river Visitors of all ages can find something for them among the dozens of different slides. You can try swimming in the main pool, discover the 262-foot (80-m) hydrotube, or just relax on the lazy river or at the hydromassage pool. The park even has a garden section, where you can admire Cretan flowers, palm trees, bougainvilleas, and French marigolds, to name a few.


26.Scuba Diving

Crete retains its rugged terrain below sea surface, forming imposing abysses, caves and reefs. Furthermore, numerous shipwrecks and airplane carcasses are scattered round Crete, a reminder of the island’s the history. Guests of Crete have the opportunity to escape to the magical underwater world by choosing among a large number of diving clubs.


27.Horse Riding

We will pick you up in the morning or afternoon just a step outside your hotel and start heading to the village, where our crew will warm welcome you in our premises.


31.Santorini 1 day

The most famous island in Cyclades, with more than 4.500 years of cultural history, will capture you with its beauty and stunning Caldera views. Many reasons made this island famous worldwide and pretty much we've all seen a picture of the dream island (pictures of Santorini have been used many times for the global promotion of Greece as a tourist resort). Scientists connect the island to the mythical Atlantis, the unique caldera, the energy and the beauty of the island are the most important reasons for being ranked as one of the top islands in Europe and one of the once-in-a-lifetime must see destinations of the world. Santorini is, indeed, an island of mystery, as the volcano has affected not only the morphology but the people of the island as well. Finally, the island is known for the view from "caldera", which is considered to be the most fascinating view in the world.


32.Santorini 2 Days

1st Day 09.00 Departure from Heraklion with the fast and luxurious Highspeed. 10.45 Arrival on Santorini at the port of Athinios. Excursion: OΙΑ - FIRA - KAMARI The buses depart from Athinios escorted by guides who will provide information concerning the island and its history. Visit to: OIA: free time to admire the old neo-classical manors as well as the houses carved on the rock, the manmade eyries that seem to hang on the edge of the precipice. Oia is the most graphic village of the island with a fantastic view, narrow streets and marvelous mansions. FIRA: Free time to visit the capital, go for shopping or enjoy your drink with a bird's eye view over Caldera. 15.30 KAMARI: The most popular beach in Santorini which is know for its black sand and crystal clear water. For your lunch will be a real pleasure to discover traditional taverns with Greek specialities such as "Fava" and fresh fish served with excellent local wine. Transfer to hotel, overnight: plenty of time at your disposal for walking around, shopping and admiring over Caldera. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the night-life of the island. 2nd DAY: Morning free 15.30 Departure from Hotel to Volcano Volcano: Besides, you will have the chance to participate in the tour of the volcano round trip and Hot Springs swimming by comfortable and traditional Egiopelagitika small ships. During the route, there will be some stops for taking pictures etc. 17.25 Departure from Santorini heading to Crete. 18.50 Arrival at Heraklion.


34.Bike Tours

Live a unique mountain bike adventure through the unspoiled and unknown nature of Crete!



The unique family entertainment destination of Crete! Enjoy an original, interactive and fun day for all the family!


36.Walking Tour

Crete is a walkers paradise. There are only few places in Europe where you can find the combination of high mountains close to the sea, mild climate with long dry seasons and a large network of ancient paths and shepherds trails. Add to this the friendliness of the Cretans and the good infrastructure which allows one to walk all day without seeing a soul but still find a village in the evening to eat and spend the night and you have a perfect recipe for a wonderful walking holiday.


37.Hiking Tours

Exploring Crete’s walking and hiking trails is one of the most rewarding ways of seeing the island’s outstanding natural beauty. With thousands of kilometres of tracks, walking options are available to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Walk one of our recommended day walks for a few hours or a day or plan a multi-day hike through protected parks, native forests and stunning coastal regions.

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